Friday, 14 September 2018

What I'm going to be planting outdoors SEPTEMBER 2018

September is a funny month for planting new seeds. Most of the summer crops are coming to an end so there's spaces popping up here and there when the summer plants are spent. I'll be digging up a few more beds in the next few weeks once the cabbages, runner beans, edamame and sweetcorn are all finished. This will leave me with a bit of space that should ideally be filled with some quick crops and also some over wintering crops too.

Here's a list of what I'm going to be planting outside this month:

Rocket - Wild Trizia
Beetroot - Rote Kugel 2
Radish - Scarlet Globe
Pak Choi - red and green mix
Radish - Mooli Longipinnatus
Lettuce - winter imperial

And for all the areas that will  lay dormant over the winter, I'll be sowing a green manure, probably phacelia. This will grow through the Autumn and then be dug in to the soil in January, or whenever the ground isn't too frozen.

I'm also using this month to organise my seeds and make a plan for next year.

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